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Is School (Education) Overrated? Part 1

I hate unpleasant days at school and being told that education is the ONLY route to success! 

You know, when you were a teenager, you always wondered: “Why does school exist?” 

It’s obvious: TO GET AN A+ and have a “successful” life

Well, in my opinion, that is what everyone is told. I believe the route of a person’s future is not defined by education, but rather on the individual’s situation.

For example, I want to become an air traffic controller when I grow up. BIG MONEY INVOLVED  (100K+ SALARY). But you know what? That is a job that requires trade school, not college.

I am not trying to diss college, I actually think it’s a great thing. However, I believe not everyone needs the traditional route, to be successful or happy. 

This is part 1! Stick around for part 2!

Top 10 Ways for Dealing with ADHD

I live a normal, productive life, being a teen diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

So let’s go straight to the tips…These are just my personal tips! If you have more ideas, please comment them below! 


Get energy out! Even if it’s just walking your dogs! 


It probably will make you more happy and you will feel like you have a companion!

3. Being Spirital/Religious

To boost your morale and positive perspective of life! 

4. Meditation

To relax/calm yourself down, you can do it ANYWHERE! From your temple, even in your shower! 

5. Support Groups 

Great one! Discuss issues with your peers, or with people who just accept you for YOU!

6. Therapy 

A little different to number five. We’re talking about an individual therapist here, to get support or advice, in a one-on-one setting. 

7. Specialized Camps

YES! There are camps for ADHD and other diagnoses! I had a blast at these two camps and had the time of my life!

Summit Camp:


8. Writing in a Notebook 

Write your feelings out, and jot down stuff that you find interesting. For me, it’s statistics! 

9. Medication

Not everyone’s proud of this, but if you can control your drawbacks/flaws from yourself, there is no shame of medication. 

10. Accepting Your ADHD!

Just embrace your ADHD and for who you are! Accepting who you are takes guts! If you can do it, you are one strong human being!

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ADHD/Autism: Why I am writing this blog!

You know, I may only be a seventeen year-old boy, but I feel like I can make a difference in this world.

I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Aspergers at a very young age. And you know what? Even though both of these “conditions” seem to have drawbacks, they also have strengths. 

I am starting “Dmy Inspires” because there seems to be a great misunderstanding. A misunderstanding, of not just the potential of my peers with the same diagnosis as me, but the acceptance and tolerance, that everyone needs for each other, ADHD or none. 

This blog will tell the world, that ANYONE, can accomplish anything, as a productive human being. I am proud of my ADHD and Aspergers. I personally think it defines me for who I am. Kids (my peers) can make all the autistic and fidget spinner jokes they want. I am going to try change that. If people still do not comply with my opinions on this blog, so be it. Fighting or challenging them in an aggressive way, won’t change their opinion. I am here to try to help, but I cannot guarantee any change. But I am still proud for who I am.

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